We have a diverse range of makers from all over Laos that allow us to co-create unique collections, reflective of their traditions and craftsmanship, and able to be placed in a modern context. 

Savan Ikats 2021 Range

savan-ikatsThe Savan Range hails from Savannakhet in Southern Laos. Fabrics are handwoven, and dyed in intricate and modern ikat patterns by the very talented PhuTai women. Fabrics are then sewn at Sengsavang, a vocational training centre for women at risk of trafficking and sexual abuse... View more


Lunar New Year Range

A fun range of brightly coloured homewares and gifts to herald in the year of the Ox, or buffalo in Laos. It's an eclectic mix of makers, including the Lao Disabled Womens Development Centre, Lanten & Hmong women from northern Laos and our local Luang Prabang pottery and paper makers.... View more. 

The Classic Sabai Range

sabai_rangeThe Sabai Range hails from Northern Luang Prabang Province. Cotton is dyed and then woven into patterns, some strikingly simple and many complex supplementary weave patterns, producing an array of homewares, clothing, and accessories. A true village production, Ma Te Sai raised funds to send women of these villages to learn to sew in Vientiane... View More.




Oudomxay Cotton Range


 Hailing from the mountains of northern Laos, the Taileu women in Udomxay province produce an amazing range of natural dyes, and weave a very soft luxe cotton into towels, blankets, shawls, all things you want close to your skin.....View more.