Light and fresh colors and designs from the Tai Leu women in Northern Luang Prabang Province. We worked with local women to expand our color palette and adjust some of favorite supplementary weave patterns from our classic Sabai Range... View more.




The Muang Sing Range 

Our Muang Sing project provides remote Lao artisans with access to tourism  and international markets. We have been working with 25 women from  4 different ethnic groups (Akha, Lanten, Tai Dam, Yao) to co-create products and designs that appeal to new markets, but still preserve and showcase traditional handicraft and skills... View more.



The Classic Sabai Range

The Sabai Range hails from Northern Luang Prabang Province. Cotton is dyed and then woven into patterns, some strikingly simple and many complex supplementary weave patterns, producing an array of homewares, clothing, and accessories. A true village production, Ma Te Sai raised funds to send women of these villages to learn to sew in Vientiane... View More.


The Savan Range

The Savan Range hails from Savannakhet in Southern Laos. Fabrics are handwoven, and dyed in intricate and modern ikat patterns by the very talented PhuTai women. Fabrics are then sewn at Sengsavang, a vocational training centre for women at risk of trafficking and sexual abuse... View more