Ma Té Sai is all about authentic Lao handmade products. Our business began out of a wish to promote unique handicraft from villages across Laos. Every item we sell is not only a beautiful object or a nice present, it is a piece of identity, the history of someone, somewhere, who put their heart into making it. We want you to share this connection with our artisans as much as we want to guarantee them a fair and sustainable income.

We handpick and design handmade items for you that we personally love and we think mean something. They can make great mementos of Laos, interesting gifts, or add function and beauty to your home. Many items embrace village life and the traditions passed down over generations, the identities of various ethnic groups, and celebrate the craft involved. Many have been transformed to suit your modern environment, but all are made by a person who is proud and happy to share their skills and traditions with you. By developing our products with the artisans, we aim to create a sustainable income for their craft. We also hope it will allow the expertise to be passed on to the next generation.

Ma Té Sai was founded in 2010 by Emi Weir and Cleménce Pabion. Since it's inception, our staff are Lao people and our suppliers are Lao people with whom we work closely to reinvigorate our product offering. In 2013, supported by a Malaysian foundation, Ma Té Sai supported women in Nambak district, Luang Prabang, to learn to sew. Now a group of women sew the naturally dyed and woven cotton cloth, particular to these TaiLeu women, into garments and homewares. We support village production whole heartedly.


 (Video courtesy of Carley Byers who was part of the Massachusetts School of Art and Design group that travelled with us in January 2020. Image above is a Khmu woman preparing "piad" or jungle vine to make bags, Udomxay Province August 2013. )