Create your own piece of Lao handicraft under the guidance of one of our skilled artisans. Our workshops offer a fun and hands-on beginner experience, but can also be tailored to suit participants with a higher knowledge of crafting. To Schedule a class, or if you have any questions, please contact us.


Hmong Reverse Embroidery Class

Learn how to reverse embroider with your Hmong teacher, Bai Ly, who learned to sew when she was just four years old. Bai Ly will guide participants to create their own hand-embroidered creation using the traditional Hmong reverse technique... View more.





Spinning & Weaving Class

Enjoy a day going at your own pace, spinning and weaving cotton, with Lao designer Tadam and her team.... View more.

Katu Glass Bead Weaving Class

Try your hand at backstrap loom weaving with two Katu sisters from Salavan Province in Southern Laos. Learn an ancient style of decoration involving glass beads in the warp of the weave... View more





Artisan Village Experience (2 Days)

Travel to the Village and stay the night at Mr. Somdeth's homestay. Experiment with local natural dyes and chose between cotton weaving or bamboo weaving... View more.