We take care to buy directly from village artisans, village cooperatives, and from organisations that help vulnerable people of Laos, and have been working closely with these groups for many years. When you purchase Ma Té Sai items you are helping us bring additional income to these people, villages and organisations. They then can continue with their traditions, their craft, and gain a better standard of living.

As a member of Fair Trade Laos, we buy items at a fair price from across Laos, supporting artisans who often do not have access to the foreign marketplace. We work to ensure the continuation of skills development for these artisans, and strive to develop all products within the villages. 

We work with artisans from many ethnic groups, including Lao, TaiLeu, Hmong, Akha, Katu, Yao, Lentan, and Khmu. Each group creates items that embrace and demonstrate their rich traditions and cultures, allowing Ma Té Sai to showcase vibrant and diverse products, all which tell unique stories.