What is Jungle Vine?

Posted by Emi Weir on

Jungle Vine or "Piad", pronunced pee -ad, in Lao, is a versatile plant fibre used to make nets and bags. A while ago I visited a Khmu village near Udomxai where they make a lot of jungle vine. A marketing group in Udomxai fashion the vine into different products, purses and bags, to capture a wider audience. Without lining the bags are great for fishing or going to the beach, as water, sand can go through the bag. With lining it can be a fashion statement. 

Below is a slide show showing the cutting of the vine, splicing, drying and then the women roll the dried spliced pieces along their calves to get the thin thread, and crochet this into bags and straps. It can also be woven flat. A man told me that "jungle vine is so strong, that, when there is no line to tether the buffalo, they wil cut the vine and use that"



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