Tai Leu Textures : White Flower

Tai Leu Textures : White Flower

This texture is one of our all time favorites from the original Sabai Collection. Using a traditional pattern woven with the same color in the warp and the weft, we have designed a luxurious, well-balanced texture. Long wefts float across the face of the fabric to create a soft, rippling appearance while preserving the traditional pattern, the Tai Leu "Small Flower". 



The Small Flower pattern is another common Tai Leu Design that we have altered to fit into the modern home. From a distance or at glance it may read as a texture, but when wrapped up in one of these blankets on the couch, you are still able to make out the traditional motifs. The soft, cream color is the natural color of local, un-dyed cotton.  

Over the years, this fabric has become a best seller to travelers and online buyers with any kind of home environment. The product range has grown from pillows to shams to single and double blankets. Or pack it up and take it home as winebag

*NEW PRODUCT* One of our weavers, Mae Sam, surprised us with her idea to weave a blue on blue version. Same, great texture but with a more pronounced pattern because the shades of indigo in the foreground and background are slightly different.  Currently available in 45x45cm or 30x50cm. 
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