Craft Forward - An Invitation from the British Council

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In January I was invited by the British Council to tell the story of Ma Te Sai, at a conference which exposed different Southeast Asian business models to Burmese producers, and shared knowledge of the region. 

Not only did it validate Ma Te Sai within a wider artisan enterprise context, it also gave incredible impetus to keep moving forward, mutually developing with our artisans. 

At the same time I had been in dialogue with Kevin Murray, one of the editors of Garland magazine, a new publication traversing cultures with craft. In their words:
"This magazine uses the garland as a motif to encourage a dialogue across the Asia Pacific about the objects that give our lives meaning. The world of Garland is populated with individuals who are driven to make something from the place where they are. Many Australians visit and work in creative centres in the region, where they collaborate with local workshops to produce works of enduring beauty. Others remain in Australia to make something of their work, whether it is the verdant lotus ponds of Arnhem Land, flotsam washed up on the wild southern beaches or the street culture of an inner suburb. The publication is based in Australia, within a broader regional context."

And hence this article reports that visit to Yangon last January -

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