Bamboo weaving, weaving its way out?

Bamboo weaving, weaving its way out?

Nestled in a bend of the Namkhan River, just outside Luang Prabang, is a small village known for bamboo weaving. Not many years ago you would see stacks of bamboo bins outside the houses ready for sale, sadly plastic bins have replaced many of the traditional bamboo bins and these stacks are no longer seen around the village. 

Actually few people weave anymore, except for Phaeng, whom we have been working with for over four years. We place orders whenever we can and each order is equivalent to a month’s work of labouring wages—and not only that, she can complete the work in her home at her own time rather than labouring outside, which she has to do when there are no orders.


It was Phaeng’s expertise and strong attention to detail that helped us design and produce over 300 items for a hotel opening here in Luang Prabang in 2017. Out of that project came one of our most popular items—this bamboo napkin holder.


In the photo below, these bamboo napkin holders are about to undergo a method of roasting by the fire to eliminate bugs that eat the bamboo. This traditional method turns them golden brown and also leaves a strong aroma, so much so that a few days after that, whilst delivering a load to The Green Collective at Funan Mall, a Grab driver, not appreciative of roasted bamboo, rejected our fare. The aroma fades over time and is an indication of this traditional, eco-friendly method that does not utilise any harmful chemicals. 


Our collaboration with Phaeng has allowed her to preserve this tradition while providing a source of income outside of more labor-intensive jobs. We are dedicated to working with local Lao weavers to help them preserve their crafts and traditions, and we are also determined to share and design handcrafted products for your modern lifestyle. Visit our range of bamboo here
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