indigo_blockprint_dress summer_capsule_2021 summer_capsule_2021

Thanks to support in 2020 we managed to work closely with our Lanten group in Luang Namtha, and our Taileu group in northern Luang Prabang province, to create a fresh range for you to relax into summer, and maybe travel again later in 2021.

Cottons are naturally dyed in lighter shades. And in our skirts we have used white warp threads to lighten colours further. All designs were co-created with patterns and motifs found in Taileu and Lanten handicraft. All items are sewn in the villages. We trained our Taileu sewers in 2014 and Lanten sewers in 2020.  The simplicity of designs are to highlight the quality of the cotton fabrics, which make this range incredibly comfortable to wear.